Welcome to London – one of the world’s best cities to live in

London is the largest capital city in the European Union and the world’s leading business capital with a huge number of the world’s biggest organisations based there, along with their staff and families. As well as superb transport infrastructure, London boasts the world’s top schools and universities attracting an enormous number of students every year. London properties have always been attractive to UK residents, as well as international buyers; whether to live there or for investment purposes. Since our formation, Robinson Davies has been helping individuals from every walk of life to make the move to London. We understand what’s involved and can meet the needs of every conceivable client, offering a tailored service to meet those needs, from shortlisting properties in terms of location and budget to arranging convenient viewings.


Our short term rental service is ideal for international clients visiting UK for less than a month. We will help you find the perfect base for your stay while you explore the city.


We have strong working relationships with a network of contacts who can offer expert advice regarding about tax, insurance, lending, banking and legal implications. Moreover, we work closely with some of London’s best interior designers and architects, and can offer ad hoc services such as finding the best schools, hiring concierges and sourcing project managers. Our job is to make you feel right at home. Talk to a Robinson Davies representative about how we can help you make your move to London.